Why Partner With MBOP Tribal Child Care?

Partnering with us is quick and easy!
We will request a W-9, your current license or exemption letter, & rate sheet 
Families will always pay their monthly co-pays directly to you and we will cover the rest

We accept the following types of child care providers to join our growing list of partners:

  • Center-based child care: Group care provided in a state-licensed facility or under state exemption
  • In-home child care: Care provided in the child’s home by relatives
  • Before/After School Programs: Both licensed & exempt

How Are Payments Processed?

All Providers must provide a copy of a W-9 form and a copy of your current, provisional, or permanent license (under the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health Child Care Licensing Unit) prior to the first initial invoice. If your organization has a “Exempt Status,” we will request a letter of justification and must retain a copy of your exemption status.

Invoices can be sent monthly or biweekly prior to the deadline of (any) Tuesday by 2:00PM.
The family and children’s names along with assigned ID#s must appear on the invoice.
Once MBOP Tribal Child Care has received the complete invoice, it will be submitted to the our finance department, final payments will be issued via check.
Payment cannot exceed the maximum amount listed on the family’s 12-month Certificate.

Closures for Tribal Community funerals, holidays, and unforeseen circumstances that interrupt the procurement process, MBOP Tribal Child Care will notify the Provider immediately if circumstances occur to delay payment.

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