All Registered or Descendant Native Families Qualify!


Proof of tribal enrollment or descendancy is all that is required for qualifying

What You Will Need to Know

High-quality child care and afterschool programs are the foundations of children’s success in school and life. MBOP Tribal Child Care team is dedicated to help families find and pay for child care that will fit their needs and prepare children for a successful future.

Our case managers will always work with you to ensure the highest quality child care for your family. Once you have submitted an application, within 5 business days a case manager will reach out to you (via email or phone) to request the following supporting documents:

  • 2 of the most recent pay stubs for anyone working that is 18 years and older living in your household (To establish monthly income)
  • The Children’s Birth certificates
  • Tribal documentation for at least 1 person living in the household (Certificate of Indian Blood, Tribal ID, Tribal Enrollment letter, letter of descendancy)
  • Valid Photo Identification for anyone 18 years and older living in the household (If your ID’s do not have your current Clark County address on them, you can provide a bill with your current address as proof of address)

Then, if you have chosen a licensed child care center we will need:

  • A contact person (email &/or phone number)
  • Their most up to date rate sheet
  • Current child care license
  • Filled out W-9

OR, if you have chosen to use a family member (over 18yrs) we will need:

  • Filled out W-9 (blank attached)
  • Valid Photo Identification

Due to our grant requirements all our In-Home Providers are required to go through a 5-criteria background check.

Your monthly copay will be calculated based on:

  • Your family size
  • Net monthly income

If your chosen provider’s daily rate  EXCEEDS our maximum (see left) this will result in an overage, which you will be responsible for paying

All payment receipts MUST be given to your case manager to guarantee continued payments by MBOP Tribal Child Care

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